James Watt, from the Esquire hit series Brew Dogs

The Brew Dogs are back for more craft beer chaos!

Two Scottish craft beer renegades travel the globe for local ingredients and inspiration to create the world’s most outrageous beers.

Ric speak with brewer extraordinaire James Watt, one of the stars of Esquire Network’s hit series Brew Dogs airing Wednesdays 10 pm ET/9CT on Esquire Network.

Tired of the same boring beers that dominated the UK market, James Watt (along with partner Martin Dickie) set out to brew his own beer. The pair, both age 24 at the time, spent all their money on brewing equipment and began creating unique, innovative new beers. Today, after tearing down the old preconceptions about craft beer brewing, their company BrewDog is one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK with multiple restaurants and breweries.

James and Martin now return to the Esquire Network for season three of their popular series, Brew Dogs, in which they hunt for new ingredients and inspirations to create the most outrageous beers on Earth. New this season, the Brew Dogs are taking it global to celebrate distinctive craft beers by creating locally inspired draft in major cities throughout the world — from Brooklyn, NY, to Berlin, Germany.


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