Lenore Skenazy. They called her the World’s Worst Mom.

Meet the World’s Worst Mom!

Lenore Skenazy earned that dubious title after allowing her 9-year-old son ride the NYC subway alone. After facing a media frenzy of harsh criticism, the mother of two made it her mission to rescue overprotective parents and their bubble-wrapped kids from strained relationships. Lenore is now an author and founder of the Free Range Kids movement, which teaches parents how to raise self-reliant children without going nuts with worry.

She’s also host of the new Discovery Life Channel series aptly named World’s Worst Mom, premiering Thursday, January 22, with back-to-back episodes at 9/8 Central.

Lenore shares her tips to help overprotective parents chill-out so their kids can thrive!

In World’s Worst Mom, Lenore hopes to diffuse parental paranoia by helping high-strung, fearful moms let go of their tightly held reigns so their kids can thrive. In each episode, Lenore performs interventions with “helicopter parents” who are holding back their kids, taking each family through a series of challenges designed to push boundaries, give their children more freedom, and abolish the fear of letting go.

You can think of her new series as an Intervention for helicopter parents gone wild. Each episode reveals the crazy antics and extreme lengths some parents will reach to “protect” their children at the risk of having very opposite results. The wonderful part is the transformation. Lenore is an outspoken, witty and funny guest who can share her tips on raising free range kids!


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