Life Got in the Way My Babies were Taken From Me by Toni Jones Tucker

This Book is dedicated to all the people who have lost their babies, who may have experienced some the experiences loses that I have struggled with and still may be struggling with to get their babies back and keep their faith in God. I pray that it gives you the strength and courage you need to step up and step out into your destiny and whatever it takes to withstand against all obstacles and gain your inner peace. I hope this book gives you complete freedom.

My name is Toni Jones Tucker. I was born August 5, 1965 in little Rock, Arkansas. I am left handed I live in Lancaster, Texas. My mother’s name is Patsy Moore and my father’s name is Odell Jones. He passed when I was four years old I am the baby girl and only girl of three brothers. I am five feet two inches tall. I wear glasses for Reading and Driving I come from a very poor family and my mother raised my three brothers and I up in the projects. Being poor and raised in the projects was very difficult for me.

I am a mother, I am a grandmother and I had to bury my twenty-two year old daughter. I have had a hard life and I have struggled very hard to get wear I am at today but I am strong and I am a survivor. I love going to the beaches and spending time with my family I live I laugh and I love daily, I wrote this book in hopes to inspire and encourage others to keep their faith no matter how great or how long their storm .

I will close out this Autobiography with the most important thing in my life, my family. I am married to my best friend and believe to be my soul mate Bruce Tucker has been for five years we became a couple three years before we got married but have known each other since we was seventeen years old we have ten children in all together between the both of us we both have large families we have two parakeet birds whom we love dearly and it makes us happy we can spend time alone together.

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