Little Gems: To Improve Life’s Relationships by Mariaelena (Nena) Semko

Little Gems is your guide to building happier, healthier relationships of all kinds. Easy to understand, but not necessarily easy to implement. However, with determination and cooperation, the lessons and tips contained within this text are sure to help you improve your relationship with anyone – be it your partner, family, friends or co-workers.

About the Author

Mariaelena (Nena) Semko has been a professional mental health counselor for 20 years. A retired high school counselor, she devoted much of her life to working with teenagers, a position she truly loved.

Nena’s hobbies include reading and playing golf (though she hasn’t recently due to lack of time!). She is a life-long learner, with interest in history, astronomy and archeology. She loves traveling, having lived in Germany and Italy, and travels whenever she can. She has a definite soft spot for animals and supports many charities.

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