LIVE AS LONG AS YOU DARE by Leonard W. Heflich

This book is about living a longer, healthier life, regardless of your current age. We will talk about the misinformation and lack of information that has caused the largest disease epidemic in history. If we dont change direction, we will end up, like millions already have, with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. It is not inevitable. We can do this. There are simple, sustainable steps that we can take now to improve our health today and allow us to live as long as we dare!
Leonard W. Heflich is a visionary leader, with a 40 year plus career in the food industry as a food scientist, product developer, plant manager and food safety expert. He is an innovator and problem solver, with a particular ability to collect the pieces of a complex, intractable puzzle, and put them together. Its time to correct the misinformation and fill in the missing information on health and nutrition. He wants us to live longer, healthier lives, because we can!

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