LIVE ON LOCATION FROM NORMANDY FARMS CAMPGROUND Spectacular RV Destinations That Are Driving Distance From You!!! Help Is Here For Planning Your Next Trip.

Before you hit the road on your RV vacation, find out which wonderful spots are in your backyard. RV vacation experts, Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi are ready to lead the way. They are the founders of RV Family Travel Atlas and authors of Idiot’s Guides: RV Vacations.

The Puglisis talk to Ric about destinations in or near YOUR city! They are ready to talk about virtually any area of the U.S.

Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi the hosts of the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast. They are also award-winning educators and writers who spend over 40 nights a year in their RV, traveling with their three young sons. They write articles for the Jayco RV blog, the Camp Jellystone blog, the Good Sam blog, and the AmeriGo RV Club website. They also present at GS Media Events on topics such as “Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Kids,” “10 Reasons RV Vacations are Better,” and “RVing in Acadia National Park.” The Puglisis are the authors of Acadia National Park Adventure Guide.

Idiot’s Guides explores 40 of the best RV vacations to the most popular attractions in the United States—including national and state parks, beach destinations, Orlando, Florida, Branson, Missouri, and other sites of wide interest for families and couples. Each trip includes a map, adaptable itineraries, and information on rest and food stops, camp- ground guidance, and a list of the top things to do once you’ve made it to your destination.

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