Lora Ann Young, author of “The Lost Parent Club”

Losing your first senior parent during your lifetime is almost inevitable. How prepared are you?

It was mid-February when she heard the words “Your mom’s lungs are no longer strong enough to sustain life. We’re out of options.” Lora Ann’s emotions and fears consumed her as the thoughts of making her mom’s last days comfortable and, fearing the aftermath, learning to walk alongside the changing life of her dad.

In The Lost Parent Club, author Lora Ann Young details the emotions, issues, and questions often faced during this first year of loss of a parent while learning to walk alongside your surviving parent.

She shares her own hurdles and solutions through the heartfelt, positive storyline while pointing families in need toward the 60+ organizations and resources she has researched that are waiting in the wings to help guide you through each decision you face. Through the first year, Lora Ann learned that she had to choose, every day, how she was going to address new challenges and what attitude she would cultivate. It was then that her will to recover from this loss allowed her to create techniques to continually drive her personal recovery.


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