Marley Shelton & Michael Graziadei, stars of the new Lifetime series “The Lottery”

Marley Shelton & Michael Graziadei battle for the future of the creation of mankind in the new Sci-Fi Lifetime Series,
The Lottery, which premieres Sunday July 20th at 10 ET/PT on Lifetime

Set within a dystopian future driven by a global fertility crisis, The Lottery reveals a world staring down the barrel of impending extinction as women have mysteriously stopped bearing children. After years of research, Dr. Alison Lennon (Shelton) and her team remarkably create 100 viable embryos. However, victory is short-lived when the Director of the U.S. Fertility Commission, Darius Hayes (Donovan), takes government control of the lab and informs the President of the monumental scientific breakthrough. To determine which women will carry the prized embryos to term the President holds a national lottery and a battle over the control of the 100 embryos begins.

Marley Shelton first captured the attention of filmgoers as Tobey Maguire’s love interest, in the critically acclaimed film Pleasantville. She has starred in numerous box office hits including The Sandlot, Sugar & Spice, Sin City, Grindhouse and Scream 4.

Michael Graziadei most recently guest starred on the ABC series Agents of Shield. He has also had roles on hit shows such as American Horror Story, Longmire, Justified and The Young and the Reckless which earned him two Daytime Emmy® nominations for Outstanding Younger Actor. Graziadei has also played the lead role in the feature films The Reef and Boogeyman II.

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