Meet a family that’s giving death a rest to pump some life into their small town!

Morticians By Day,
Wrestlers By Night…

Wrestling with Death is an irreverent take on reality shows, and the first unscripted series from WGN America. It airs Tuesdays 10 PM ET/PT. It follows the Lathams of Osceola, Arkansas. They are morticians by day, who run the Wilson Funeral Home. But death is serious business, so to bring some levity into their lives, patriarch Lafonce Latham, and his wife, Sandra, run the Mid-Southern Championship Wrestling League, which they’ve also turned into a family affair.

Located about 50 miles away from Memphis, Tennessee, Osceola is a small town with some 7,000 residents. The top forms of entertainment include trips to the local Wal-Mart and dining at one of the few restaurants in town. Taking matters into his own hands, LaFonce chose to give “death a rest and pump some life” into his community by running the Friday night wrestling show at the MCW. As LaFonce and his family understand better than just about anyone, nothing can teach more about the value of life more than death; they choose to celebrate life in a unique and inclusive way, making them pillars of their community. While they enjoy their weekend wrestling diversion, at the core of the colorful Latham family is love and respect for each other, the town they live in, and the cherished departed that they care for at their funeral home.

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