More Uplifting Stories From Matt Shea Books!

More Uplifting Stories From Matt Shea Books! is an array of stories that convey the values and love of author Matt Shea. Writings specifically designated to the countless unsung heroes that keep our communities rolling: the common man.

People like you and me.

The stories selected for this Outskirts Press Kindle were randomly picked from his many books. All in all; they clearly emphasize how its the so-called little people who catch the ball at a moment of crisis- and quietly save the day. All while maintaining a normal everyday life like the rest of us.

People like you and me.

This ebook is Matt’s way of thanking the many who have supported him as a writer, and more important:

A tribute to the common man.

Matt Shea writes stories that are designed for both young and old. He profiles the average person in society that’s a little different or misunderstood. Matt also writes about the plight of those who are mentally disabled and senior citizens. He exposes their personal battles in life; with values being challenged- but never compromised.

When it’s all said and done such individuals are recognized for being a contribution to society. They also achieve their just reward: appreciation followed by acceptance.

His characters are nothing more then average people that represent all walks of life. People like you and me. Matt loves feedback from those that take the time to read his stories. He offers his email address and promises to do his very best to answer all who write him. Matt Shea knows that through others he can improve as a writer and a person.

Feel free to write any comments to Matt Shea: [email protected]

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