MoviePass – The Company that Revolutionized Going to the Movies – Continues to Innovate, Introducing Brand New Plans for 2019

Ric Speaks with Executive Vice President Khalid Itum
About the Company’s Plans to Improve the
Moviegoing Experience for Consumers Everywhere 

MoviePass completely revolutionized the moviegoing experience by enabling people to go to the theater as many times as they want in exchange for a small monthly fee. Millions of people immediately signed up and fell in love with going to the movies all over again. Now, MoviePass introduces an all-new, permanent pricing plan, designed to offer casual moviegoers the best all-around value for enjoying movies in the theater. The new three-tiered plan enables consumers to see three movies per month for as low as $9.95.

MoviePass Executive Vice President Khalid Itum discusses MoviePass’ new, simplified pricing plans and how consumers can benefit as well as the company’s plans moving forward. 
For more information about MoviePass’ new monthly plans, visit:

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