My Spirituality of Nature: Self Discovery; The Relatedness of Spirituality & Nature In Your Life by Morreece Elaine Cook

My life has grown in wholeness with the writing of this book. God shows me more every day about how to connect with my “spirituality of nature.” This concept reveals how my spirit (my “core”) connects with all of nature–earth (animals, vegetation, microorganisms), water, wind, and fire.
My literary contribution looks at, Who is nature? Who am I? and How are we connected? For a very long time, I believed that there were few connections, if any. Through a lifetime of living with God, my spirit has been inspired to look more closely at his creations and what makes them connected. What is my responsibility (if any) in all of this?
Over the course of my lifetime, my explorations led to what I name my spirituality of nature. It is my spirit, my core, my believing which leads me to see God as I never have. Not only is one human being related to another, each of us is related to and responsible for all that God creates. I know beyond all unknowing that God created me to be both unique and to be responsible for his creations. I am part of all that is and all that is me.
I invite you to take this phenomenal journey with me. My hope is that we will join together in seeking out God’s creations.
MORREECE ELAINE COOK cannot recall a time in her life when she did not get pleasure from helping others. Elaine has since enjoyed a thirty-year-long career in clinical social work. She has earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree both in clinical social work and has completed partial coursework in doctoral studies .Elaine has held numerous clinical social work positions in health care and in the field of education. Those notable are hospital social work, social work management, graduate/post graduate education, residency training, corporate level training and development.
Along the way, her deep love of nature and animals grew. Combined with love of her professional career, this “new” love grew far beyond anything she could have imagined.
Elaine is now retired but stays actively involved in social issues. She continues to be an advocate for animal rights, and she lends her skill and dedication to the Ocean Conservancy, the Sierra Club, and the Earth Preservation. Elaine loves to hear them talk about the universe and how all livings/ things are irrevocably connected.
The greatest achievement of her professional life and her spiritual life continues to be helping others live the best possible life and to enable organizational environments to provide the best opportunities for this to happen. Elaine’s impressive career and life objectives open doors to membership/leadership roles in numerous organizations. She has also achieved recognition in national/international arenas.

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