New Daytime Series “Personal Injury Court” Draws Inspiration from the Most Outrageous, Painful and Costliest Personal Injury Cases Yet to be Seen on Television

Ric Speaks with Atlanta-Based Judge, Gino Brogdon, Who Oversees Some of TV’s Craziest Personal Injury Cases
A woman attacked by her neighbor’s pet colony of bats. A man who regretfully got a radio station’s call letters tattooed to his forehead. A man who had the skin ripped off his chest during a waxing session. These are just some of the cases presented in daytime TV’s newest sensation, Personal Injury Court. The nationally syndicated courtroom show reviews highly charged cases alleging personal harm and seeking top-dollar remuneration. Using evidence such as shocking surveillance video, reenactments, expert testimony and more, Judge Gino Brogdon gets into the legal sauce using his no-nonsense approach to dictate who’s at fault and how much it’s going to cost.

Gino Brogdon is a nationally sought-after mediator and former county judge known for his big sense of humor. Having served more than a decade on one of the busiest trial benches in the country – Atlanta, Georgia’s Fulton County – he’s overseen thousands of cases, including professional malpractice, celebrity misconduct, product liability and disputes involving professional athletes.

Hear from Judge Gino about Personal Injury Court’s shocking cases inspired by some of the most unbelievable headlines, and his own experience as a mediator, lawyer and former Fulton County Judge.   For more information, visit:

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