One of History’s Most Contentious Presidential Races Has Everybody Talking! For the first time, the number of millennials registered to vote rivals that of the baby boomers. Go Behind the Scenes with Some of the Country’s Most Politically-Minded Millennials and See What They’re Saying About Politics at the Moment in… HOUSE DIVIDED

Ric Catches up with Alex Chalgren, a Trump supporter and Cassidy Gard, a Hillary Clinton supporter. They are two of seven millennials across the ideological spectrum, living under one roof in Washington, DC. House members will break bread and tackle hot-button issues including abortion, gun control, transgender rights, climate change and immigration from their unique perspective. The series will be available exclusively on the Fullscreen subscription video on demand platform, available anytime, anywhere at

18-year old Alex Chalgren is the National Deputy Field Director of Students for Trump and the president and founder of Millennials United for America. 26-year old Cassidy Gard is equally comfortable interviewing A-list celebrities as she is discussing the complexities around complicated issues like pro-choice and environmental protection.
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