Page Olson, the founder of Innovative Play for Kids.

The founder of Innovative Play For Kids LLC and a Founding Expert in CCFL Global Academy, Page grew up in a home with no TV; she and her siblings enjoyed many happy hours of exploration, discovery and innovative fun. At the birth of each of her children she found herself asking the question “Who are You?” Finding herself the keeper of the question “Who am I?,” she provided a rich and varied home environment to help them discover “Who they were”. Along with non-fiction and fiction books, adventures and trips to museums to gather knowledge; Page found unique ways to engage with her children in innovative and creative play using empty food boxes, and items found at hardware and garden stores.

Page decided to home-school her children after her son experienced behavioral changes in preschool. A few years later, she discovered they were both dyslexic. Providing an active, engaging environment that helped her son learn how he learned, while focusing on his interests and strengths and supporting his academic challenges, he learned to read at age fourteen and became a successful college student at eighteen.

For the past 20 years, Page has successfully used her enthusiasm for exploration, discovery and innovative play with hundreds of children in many different settings, from a natural horsemanship school for kids for which she created the curriculum and was head instructor to adapting the Cub Scouting curriculum to work for families in three different Packs and as well as many other community groups and events.

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