Path to Victory by Dr. Jahan Shahsawar

The US Army’s Path to Victory in the Darkest Decade War in Afghanistan
is an enlightening work based on the real-life experiences of Dr. Jahan
Shahsawar who was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The book is about his fourteen-month deployment as a civilian
contractor, acting as a cultural adviser/interpreter with the US Army in
Afghanistan. This position gave him a unique and startling insight about
the realities of the US Army’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan.

Starting with golden era of the 1960, Dr. Shahsawar brings the
voice of innocent Afghans to the attention of international human rights
organization. Also during his deployment, he interviewed numerous
former Taliban war commanders and learned from Afghan National
Army generals about the US Army’s success in the war against terrorists.

Other stories document the truth behind America’s real enemies and the
dishonesty of the Afghan government as well as the reason for the war’s
duration. The realities on the US Army’s path to victory in the war on terror
in Afghanistan have never been revealed…until now.

Meanwhile, Doctor
Jahan also reveals for the first time the identity of the evil charlatan’s
political motivation.

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