Prom Season Starts Here! Celebrate National Promposal Day with Rising Teen Digital Media Stars Summer McKeen & Dylan Jordan Who Share Their Top 3 Ideas for Creative Prom Proposals.

Men’s Wearhouse, the go-to destination for Prom and formalwear expertise, has officially established March 11 as National Promposal Day. A day where high school students across the country can celebrate their creativity by sharing their unique and often elaborate proposals to ask each other to prom.

Teenage social media stars and couple Summer McKeen & Dylan Jordan join Ric to discuss:

*Elaborate Prom Proposals: Highlighting a few of the most creative invites.
*How to get Your Nerve Up: Tips for Asking your High School Crush to the Prom
*This Year’s Trends in Prom Fashion

Men’s Wearhouse has collaborated with Snapchat to create a custom filter that will be geo-fenced to high schools across the United States and Canada. Exclusively available on March 11th, this filter will give students another opportunity to celebrate the day and ask the all-important question “Will you go to prom with me?” Students who participate in National Promposal Day are encouraged to share their epic promposal experiences throughout social media by using the hashtag #NationalPromposalDay.

Summer McKeen is a YouTube vlogger best known for her lifestyle, beauty and fashion content. Summer has collaborated with well known brands and grown an audience of 800,000+ fans worldwide since beginning her self-made content at age 14. She is based in Oregon.

Charismatic Dylan Jordan is poised to take the entertainment industry by surprise. The aspiring actor has close to a million social media followers on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Men’s Wearhouse is the largest specialty retailer of men’s apparel and rental product in the U.S. with more than 850 stores nationwide.
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