PROMISELAND Chronicles the Meteoric Rise of Memphis Grizzles Guard and Reigning NBA Rookie of the Year, Ja Morant

Ric Speaks with the Director of the New Docuseries,
Dexton Deboree (Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1)

PROMISELAND – a new six-episode docuseries on Crackle — shines the spotlight on the evolution of Ja Morant, as he attempts to navigate his way to NBA super-stardom amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic and widespread social unrest and renewed player activism. A true underdog story, Morant went from an unheralded high schooler to NBA Rookie of the Year, thanks in part to a chance encounter in an auxiliary gym. The story unfolds in real time and includes exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage from Morant’s rookie season, some of it even shot by Morant and his family during the pandemic shutdown of the 2020 NBA season.

A small-town kid, working hard to achieve his dreams of basketball superstardom, Ja Morant comes of age during his rookie season in the NBA, all while the unprecedented twists and turns of the 2019-2020 season come into focus. PROMISELAND follows Morant’s journey as he defies the odds to win Rookie of the Year. Along the way, he becomes, not only an inspiration for NBA fans, but for people all over the world, as he becomes a sports celebrity and an example of what a young superstar athlete can be.

PROMISELAND was created and directed by Dexton Deboree. Dexton wrote, directed and produced the award-winning feature film Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1 about the Air Jordan 1 shoes which ultimately changed the game of basketball. Next up, Dexton will produce and showrun Best Shape of My Life, a YouTube original series following Will Smith’s attempt to improve his fitness.
PROMISELAND Part One is now available for Streaming on Crackle: Part Two premieres June 17th.For more info, visit:

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