Protect Your Data, Prevent Phishing Expeditions, Teach Your Kids Good Digital Habits…

On Safer Internet Day!
We all spend a ton of time online, at work and at home. So it’s increasingly important to make sure you’re keeping your information safe. Safer Internet Day is February 11 and Ric talks with Cyber Expert Scott Westover. Scott shares easy tips and tools you can use to improve your online security – from password best practices to teaching your kids good digital habits.

Scott discusses: 

*Why online safety is important
*Common password pitfalls + easy tips to stay more secure online
*How to teach your kids about online security
*Features on your phone designed to keep you safe

Recent data from the Harris Poll: 

*66% of Americans reuse the same password for multiple sites
*24% of Americans have used at least one of the top ten most common online passwords (abc123, password, QWERTY, 11111, etc.)
*1 in 3 Americans have used their pet’s name (or even worse 22% have used their own name)
*4 in 10Americans say their personal information has been compromised For security tips, visit: 
and for resources for kids. 

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