Randy McDonald has been a coach and mentor for over twenty years. In 1981, he established a life goal to motivate, coach and help others.

“It’s All About Control”

Randy McDonald is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Charter Member of the Association for Integrative Psychology.

Randy’s childhood was not an easy one. For example, the family traveled so much that he was forced to attend 11 different grammar schools in a single school year. Another example is living with his mother and 4 sisters in a leaky convertible with only carrots and peanut butter to eat. He also spent six months in an orphanage at age six.
Randy “Found His Spark” and went from that childhood, to earning four academic degrees, culminating with a PhD in Computer Education. He has also been very successful in the Business world, where he has over 22 years of functional management experience and exceptional credentials, including executive positions with several San Francisco Bay area Fortune 500 companies and Colorado-based companies. So he understands the issues and problems associated with shouldering such responsibility. He has also founded several successful small businesses and understands those challenges as well.


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