“Renovating the Middle-Aged Body” with Jonathan Paull

Jonathan Paull is a Director at York County Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic in Newmarket, Ontario. Working for the clinic for more than fifteen years, Paull has also served as its Clinic Fitness Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist. Paull is also the inventor of the innovative Catpost2000, a complete stretching, strengthening and assistive exercise station. He has co-authored Core Exercises and Training Manual with the clinic’s senior physiotherapist and is now author of his own first book, Structurally Sound: Renovating the Middle-Aged Body. As a lifestyle fitness and rehabilitation coach himself, Paull`s belief is that a good coach should lead not only through knowledge and experience, but by example as well. He has transformed his own personal training program, creating results that illustrate to middle-aged individuals optimism and proof that a well thought out program can indeed provide results. Paull lives with his wife, Christine, and their dog, Riley, in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada.

Website: www.jonathanpaull.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/jonathanpaull

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