Ric Speaks with Professional Wrestler and Star of El Rey’s Lucha Underground, Johnny Mundo Lucha Underground — TV’s Most Dramatic, Action-Packed, High-Flying, Theatrical Professional Wrestling Show — Returns for a Second Season on El Rey Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT

Johnny Mundo, formerly known as John Morrison in the WWE, began his wrestling career after winning the WWE reality series, Tough Enough. In a short-time, he became one of the WWE’s most popular stars, known for his parkour moves and high-flying abilities. With tag team partners such as The Miz and Joey Mercury, he was a multiple-time Tag Team Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion and former ECW World Champion.

Now, in Lucha Underground — which begins its highly anticipated second season on January 27 on El Rey — Johnny Mundo continues to amaze audiences with his high-flying, explosive Lucha Libre moves.

Ancient tradition, extraordinary athleticism, and a flare for theatrics combine in El Rey Network’s wrestling series, Lucha Underground. The riveting original introduces American audiences to the high-flying aerial maneuvers, slingshot moves, dramatic masks, intricate, rapid-fire combinations and distinctive wrestling techniques of lucha libre, one of Mexico’s most popular sports. Fans have a ringside seat as masked villains and heroes face off to battle for wrestling supremacy. Lucha Underground focuses on the artistry, originality, intense action and over-the-top characters that have come to define this phenomenal fan-favorite.


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