Ric Speaks with Vanessa & JoJo Simmons Before an All-New, LIVE & Interactive Growing Up Hip Hop

Vanessa and JoJo Simmons –
the Children of Legendary Hip Hop Star
Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons of RUN DMC –
Join the Growing Up Hip Hop Cast for a
LIVE Event to Answer Viewer Questions

In WE tv’s popular series Growing Up Hip Hop, the next generation of hip hop royalty sets out to do whatever it takes to rise above their legendary parents’ shadow. On Thursday, January 17, two of the show’s most popular cast members – Vanessa & JoJo Simmons – will join the cast for a two-hour, high-energy live event! Vanessa & JoJo along with Romeo Miller, Egypt, Sam, Boogie and special guest stars will hang out together, drink champagne and spill the tea, while answering viewers questions via live calls and tweets. The interactive show will broadcast as interstitials throughout two hours as WE tv airs two new episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop featuring a showdown with Boogie Dash and his father Dame; Angela and Romeo’s sexy spa day; a shocking scandal involving Pep and her love interest; a confrontation between Romeo and Master P; and a moment of truth for Pep when she has to make the call: her new love or Salt N’ Pepa.

Twelve years after we first met Vanessa and JoJo on MTV’s hit series Run’s House, the Simmons kids are all grown up  discuss their lives and their projects, their experiences with the rest of the Growing Up Hip Hop castmates, and this unique special live event. To learn more about Growing Up Hip Hop visit: 
https://www.wetv.com/shows/growing-up-hip-hop https://www.bluefunkbroadcasting.com/root/twia/hiphoplive.mp3

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