Rick & Marty Lagina Are Back as the Quest to Solve the 225-Year-Oak Island Mystery is on like Never Before!

Join the Treasure Hunting Brothers with Ric to Hear About Season 8 of The HISTORY┬« Channel’s Hit Non-Fiction Series

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND, Premieres Tuesday, November 10th at 9PM ET/PT
And New Series 

BEYOND OAK ISLAND, Premieres Tuesday, November 17th at 10PM ET/PT
On the south shore of Nova Scotia lies a tree-covered island that has intrigued treasure hunters for more than 200 years. Oak Island is believed to be hiding one of the greatest treasures of all time, but no one has been able to find it. The HISTORY┬« Channel’s hit series The Curse of Oak Island, beginning its eighth season on November 10th at 10/9c, follows Michigan brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they use modern technology and American know-how to solve the Oak Island mystery once and for all. Though the search has been long, expensive and dangerous — several people have died trying to strike it rich on Oak Island — the Laginas hope to avoid the curse long enough to find the treasure before they run out of money… or worse.

As the world remains gripped by the dangers of Covid-19, season 8 will see the Laginas determined now more than ever to solve one of the greatest treasure mysteries in American history. With new metal detecting equipment and technologies that reveal potential tunnels below the surface, Rick and Marty alongside their team are making some of the most impressive discoveries yet! The HISTORY┬« Channel is also premiering their new exciting series, Beyond Oak Island, hosted by Rick and Marty.  The eight-episode series chronicles the greatest treasure hunts across the globe of the past, present and future. From pirates like Blackbeard and outlaws like Jesse James, to Aztec gold, priceless historical artifacts and sunken treasure ships, Beyond Oak Island features great story telling, compelling interviews and exciting visits to several treasure hunts in progress.
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