Ryan Devlin and the matchmaking experiment “Are You The One” on MTV.

Ryan Devlin, the youthful actor best known from Brothers & Sisters and Jane The Virgin Is overseeing the matchmaking experiment Are You The One? Airing Mondays at 10 PM ET/PT on MTV

MTV’s break out hit is a new guilty pleasure that’s resonating with viewers who wish they could leave their own bad relationship habits behind and surrender to their perfect match!

Huffington Post TV calls Are You The One? “the Anti-Bachelor.” The hit series follows eleven single women and ten single men who are self-admittedly horrible at relationships who hope they’ll find the right ‘one.’ Unique aspects of Are You The One? include a rigorous matchmaking process involving in-depth interviews and compatibility testing prior to the show. An ideal match for each person is selected – the catch is that the results are not revealed. Also unique is the potential to end any week as the cast could find their matches before their allotted 10 tries, and unlike other reality series with a group of men or women fighting over just one love interest, Are You The One? allows each person to possibly walk away with love AND money. Adding to the drama this second season is a twist that will make finding the perfect match more challenging, as an eleventh girl will join the house as a double match for one of the guys.


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