Scientists Prepare to Crash a Spacecraft into a Comet! You have a front row seat as the unmanned Rosetta spacecraft crash lands into Comet 67P in…DEATH ON A COMET: THE ROSETTA MISSION Friday September 30th at 10 PM ET/PT on Science Channel

Hosted by scientist, evolutionary biologist and frequent TV science commentator Dr. Dan Riskin, DEATH ON A COMET: THE ROSETTA MISSION captures the extraordinary event, providing a conclusion to the remarkable twelve year journey – not only to understand how comets work, but also to investigate how comets could have played a crucial role in the evolution of life on Earth. The final chapter will capture the emotion of this journey’s end as Rosetta gathers the last bit of science from the comet and beams it back to Earth before its mission-ending crash.

DEATH ON A COMET: THE ROSETTA MISSION is a follow up to the cable channels enormously popular 2014 special Landing on a Comet: The Rosetta Mission in which the Rosetta spacecraft first encountered the comet.

Recently, this remarkable story made world wide headlines when the Philae space probe went back online after losing contact with the Rosetta mother ship for two years following it’s landing on the far away comet.

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