She’s Unforgettable as Elliott’s Mom in the Timeless Classic E.T. Now She Stars in Amazon’s Popular Live-Action Kids Series, Just Add Magic Ric Catches Up with the Charming and Talented Dee Wallace! Dee Stars in the Upcoming Amazon Original Special Just Add Magic Halloween Available on Amazon Prime Video Beginning October 14th

Based on Cindy Callaghan’s popular book, Just Add Magic follows Kelly and her two best friends as they stumble upon a mysterious cookbook in Kelly’s attic and discover the book’s recipes contain magical powers. Dee Wallace stars as Kelly’s grandmother who first encountered the magical cookbook back when she was a young girl herself. Now, Just Add Magic returns in the Amazon original special Just Add Magic Halloween, which features all new mysterious tricks and magical treats!

Dee Wallace has had a 40-plus-year acting career that includes more than 200 film and television roles. Her most famous role, of course, is Elliott’s mom in the beloved classic film E.T. She also appeared in a number of classic horror films — she was pursued by a clan of cannibal killers in The Hills Have Eyes, terrorized by a pack of werewolves in The Howling, and nearly becomes lunch for a rabid St. Bernard in the heart-stopping Cujo.
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