Sonia Amer and the obstacles of being an entrepreneur

A real story of being an entrepreneur. Obstacles may face any inexperienced business person. Sonia Amer ™ is an example of an entrepreneur’s new ventures, designs, manufactures, and marketing of ladies’ leather handbags, registered in Beirut in March of 2009. Operations started in Kuwait with a capital of $120,000 invested, with an expansion plan to include more countries within the coming five years. While implementing the business plan, barriers started appearing: the worldwide economic crisis of 2008, very high competition, deep funding problems, high manufacturing prices, finishing problems, obvious brand resistance, dissatisfied customers, lack of awareness and wrong advertisement campaigns were implemented (Brown, 2006).

Sonia Amer—Lebanese, author and painter, MBA holder from the University of Wales; besides the “Entrepreneurship, from Theory to Fact – Obstacles and Challenges in the Case of Sonia Amer ™,” Sonia has five Arabic published books, including poems, short stories, and novels, in addition to many literary readings in the Arabic newspapers and magazines.

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