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Comfort Food Gets a Vegan Makeover by Jill Skeem Easy Steps to Eat Healthier for the New Year!

This hardcover cookbook has over 62 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes for your favorite comfort foods including: baked oatmeal, vegetable egg rolls, beer-battered green beans, Where’s the beef? chili, “mock” chicken noodle soup, tomato basil soup, tempeh “reuben”sandwich, tofu marinara sub, spinach, mushroom & onion lasagna, lentil bolognese, shepherd’s pie, mustard dill potato salad, coleslaw, kale […]

Healthy Eating Tips & Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Weight Gain, Fatigue & Depression During the Holidays with Dr.Susan Smith Jones

Surefire tips to help you get through holidays without gaining weight or losing vitality. Many people gain between 5-12 pounds from Thanksgiving through the first week of January. How would you like to go through the holidays this year without gaining a pound? That’s right! Does that sound impossible to you? You can do it […]

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