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October is Plan a Cruise Month: Find Out How You Can Take Advantage of Cruise Vacation Deals from Love Boat Star Jill Whelan

Princess Cruises Celebrations Ambassador Jill Whelan (aka “Vicki Stubing”) Shares With Ric Why Cruises are a Perfect Way to Celebrate Special Occasions October is Plan a Cruise Month, when cruise lines and travel agents introduce special discounted rates for a variety of cruise vacations all around the world. Princess Cruises in particular is offering two […]

Shed Pounds with More Shut Eye Americans Wake Up Tired 4 Days a Week on Average; Your Lack of Sleep & Being Exhausted Might be Making You Fat

A new survey says sleepy Americans will do pretty much anything for more shut eye! Yet 47% of Americans don’t know that not getting enough sleep can make you gain weight. That’s one reason to take action and get to bed early. Ric talks with “The Sleep Doctor,” Dr. Michael Breus, about the surprising results […]

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