Shed Pounds with More Shut Eye Americans Wake Up Tired 4 Days a Week on Average; Your Lack of Sleep & Being Exhausted Might be Making You Fat

A new survey says sleepy Americans will do pretty much anything for more shut eye! Yet 47% of Americans don’t know that not getting enough sleep can make you gain weight. That’s one reason to take action and get to bed early.

Ric talks with “The Sleep Doctor,” Dr. Michael Breus, about the surprising results of the sleep survey and learn about the path to, and perks of, a good night’s rest.

Fifty-percent of Americans think they would be happier if they were able to get more sleep, and a majority, 57%, think that getting extra sleep is a more appealing New Year’s resolution than working out (43%). This, according to The Princess Cruises Sleep Survey conducted independently in December by Wakefield Research.

According to Dr. Breus, getting a good night sleep aids in weight loss. And everyone’s in a better mood after they’ve gotten a good night’s sleep! In fact, the poll finds Americans think that if they got more sleep, they’d be more productive (51%), happier (50%), more successful (21%) and more creative (21%). That sounds like a whole new person for 2016!

Board-certified sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus and HGTV designer Candice Olson have helped Princess Cruises design the new Princess Luxury Bed to help guests sleep soundly on the high seas. More than 44,000 new beds will be rolled out to every stateroom across the Princess fleet through 2018. The cruise line hopes it will allow guests to get the rejuvenating sleep they seek and return from vacation refreshed and renewed.

Michael Breus is the best-selling author of two sleep books and served as the official sleep representative of WebMD. He regularly appears on “Dr. Oz” and is a sought after expert to discuss sleep issues. He discusses America’s sleep deficit and the benefits and how-to’s of a good night’s sleep at home… and on vacation.

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