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Former Marine and Racecar Driver Mark Llano Races for Military Veterans and Their Families

Find Out How You Can Support the “Boots on” Scholarship Program, Enabling Military Families to Pursue Higher Education Goals According to MilitaryFamily.org, the unemployment rate for military spouses is nearly 26 percent — more than five times the national average. Military spouses face a number of challenges, due to constant moves and deployments, often forcing […]

The new documentary “That Which I Love Destroys Me” (available to stream free) shines light on post-fraumatic stress disorder among veterans

Ric speaks with acclaimed director Ric Roman Waugh and U.S. Vet Jayson Floyd and learns how listeners can take action. Twenty-two men and women who fought for our country commit suicide each day — one every 65 minutes. Following the real-life story of Chris Kyle (the subject of Clint Eastwood’s OscarĀ®-nominated film American Sniper), the […]

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