The Beaten Heart by Mallory Weber

Melanie Dickson has been through her share of heartache. With college graduation in a few days and a marriage proposal in the near future, she feels confident and happy. When tragedy strikes and everything she thought she wanted goes away, she finds solace in a comfortable, practical, new relationship, and a new life, thousands of miles from home. But just as she is starting to live her life again, not overcome with guilt and no longer paralyzed by fear, an old flame steps back into her life. In one weekend, everything she thought she knew changes. The one person she has spent her life trying to forget, to hide her feelings for, is thrust back into her life. She has to decide, should she pick the practical, safe choice or follow her heart and the one person she has always loved?

Mallory Weber is a school counselor and a licensed clinical professional counselor. She lives in Illinois with her husband, Bryce, and her three young daughters: Brynn, Tessa, and Reese. Mallory loves to read and one of her greatest aspirations was to write a book that inspires someone or is ‘worth reading.’ She created the story line for The Beaten Heart when she was in a very dark time in her life. It gave her purpose, and writing was her therapy. Ten years later, she finally finished it. Never give up on a dream, no matter what anyone else says. If you can’t stop thinking about something, there’s a reason.

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