The bond you have with your vehicle with author Brian LaForest

He had loved automobiles since his earliest memory. But when that special day arrived to have one of his very own, Brian never dreamed he would befriend so many; each with its own personality and bearing a curious, sometimes heart-wrenching story.To some people, their automobiles are more than mere transportation; an unshakeable bond of friendship forms between them. And although a day may come when each will go their separate ways, this friendship will remain forever. In Cars, Cars, Cars: The Vehicles that Drove My Life, author Brian LaForest shares sixty-six personal stories of this kind of friendship. From tragedy to triumph and back again, the reader is along on a fascinating ride through each vehicle’s stay; from his first old-jalopy, to his most recent prize. But along this road too, in the middle of the journey, there is an even greater story being told.

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