Creativity isn’t a “nice to have” leadership trait. It’s the key to success in every workplace and all industries. Learn to access yours, now―even if you don’t think you’re a “creative” person

From B-school through the big leagues, the business world often places value on logic and analysis. But on creativity? Not so much. And this, according to Nir Bashan, is a recipe for disaster. What gets the ball rolling when we’re feeling stuck in our careers? Why is my company not growing or reaching higher levels of profitability?  What’s the difference between a workable plan and a stroke of genius? 

The answer is creativity―and it’s the missing ingredient for far too many of us who feel we’re not reaching our creative potential (or doubt we have it in the first place). In The Creator Mindset, Bashan draws from years of experience in advertising, entertainment, consulting, keynote speaking, and teaching to show you how to use creativity as a decision-making tool, and do so every bit as confidently as you use spreadsheets and data analysis. 

Bashan demystifies the process of sharpening this ability by breaking it down into four essential sections. Discover what is meant by a “creator mindset,” why it’s crucial in business, how to see the world with this mindset, and how to sustain it.  Written in plain language with real-world examples, chapters include:

  • Creativity for non-creative people
  • Training your mind to think in a creative way
  • When nothing else works―creativity will
  • Envisioning a world that can be, not the world that is
  • The virtues of listening―and the value of making mistakes
  • The “Creator Mindset” guide to crisis
  • Beating the complacency conundrum

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by vague advice to “think outside the box,” The Creator Mindset can help put you on a proven track to harnessing your best, most creative ideas, and feel confident you’re performing to your fullest potential―analytically and creatively.
Nir Bashan is a Clio Award-winning and Emmy-nominated entrepreneur who has worked in advertising and entertainment. Now, he teaches top leaders how to harness the power of creativity to innovate and grow sustainable businesses. Nir has taught in graduate and undergraduate programs and holds workshops and presentations all over the world at companies like AT&T, Microsoft, NFL Network and jetBlue teaching non-creative people how to think creatively.

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