The Hit Series MythBusters is Back with All-New Mind-Blowing Experiments Wednesdays 9pm ET/PT on Science Channel

Ric Speaks with the Show’s Hosts Brian Louden and Jon Lung as They Pursue their Quest for Truth (Using Combustible Gas Tanks, Torpedoes, Goo Gone Wild and More!)

MythBusters made its television debut on in 2003 and earned eight consecutive Emmy® nominations for Outstanding Reality Program from 2009-2016. The program fuses scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity to prove or disprove popular myths, misconceptions or legends.

MythBusters is back on Science Channel with an all-new team, Brian Louden and Jon Lung, who dispaly their amazing build skills and science smarts with new experiments involving rocket-powered swords, exploding gas tanks, airbag disasters and more.

Among the experiments they discuss as featured on this season of MythBusters:

* If it’s really possible to decapitate a bad guy, zombie or monster so fast that the head and body hold in position for a dramatic pause. (To find the answer they build a rocket powered sword.)

* If a burglar stuck in a chimney could be shot skywards if a homeowner lights his propane-powered fireplace.

* The possibility of igniting a lethal campsite catastrophe by cigarette lighter and a sleeping bag full of flatulence.

* Whether an airbag explosion can be lethal to a front seat passenger if their feet are on the dashboard during a fender bender.

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