The Lost Parent Club with Lora Ann Young

As Lora Ann walked down her own road of recovery during the first 2 years following the loss of her mother, she continued to find—or maybe they continued to find her—friends who were traveling down the same difficult road, only starting the journey after Lora.

She often found herself answering questions about her journey and sharing the tips and processes that had helped her work through her most challenging moments, often paralleling the challenges her friends were now experiencing.

In late November, at 3:11 in the morning, she woke out of a sound sleep by thoughts of topics, not knowing what it really meant. She got out of bed and found herself logging into her computer.

By 7 a.m. she had the Table of Contents for The Lost Parent Club. While never an ambition of hers, her extensive experience in a 19 year career where she was often responsible for writing training manuals, as well as coaching a large staff about becoming successful in their own lives, this task was a perfect match! That initial outline has experienced only minor changes since the day it came to life.

Prior to writing The Lost Parent Club Lora Ann achieved years of continued success working for major customer care and sales organizations. As a lead content writer of Sales Training materials for the United States business she has the honor of writing Sales Meeting presentations, various program training pieces as well as numerous ad hoc programs. Her most recent role as a Senior U.S. Field Training Manager allowed her to lead a team of trainers while traveling throughout the United States, motivating and training independent sales representatives in the field and in both small and large venue events.

Lora Ann is also certified as an Instructional Designer/Developer through the well respected Langevin Learning Services.

Previously, each role throughout her career allowed her to train, motivate and be inspired by people every day. Lora served as a Division Manager with a sales force of 8000 and the district support of 21 managers, responsible for motivating, training and driving results in her area. Prior to that she was an Operations Manager responsible for the strategic planning and day-to-day operation of cross-functional contact center departments made up of 370 specialist and staff positions. Finally, Lora Ann served as a Quality Assurance and Training Supervisor, where she enjoyed writing and facilitating new hire training for a center of 600+ employees, and created new programs as needed to assist with ongoing development.

Training has always been a guiding light and a passion for Lora, making this very special project a natural progression in her life.

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