The zombie apocalypse is coming…eventually. The struggles of a town trying to film an independent zombie movie.

The new Syfy series Town of the Living Dead profiles the Town of Jasper, Alabama, which has been trying to film an independent zombie Movie — for six years! It airs Tuesdays at 10 ET/ 9 CT only on Syfy

Welcome to Jasper, Alabama. It’s a nice, normal small town — except they’ve been trying to film a zombie movie called Thr33 Days Dead. For six years. They have a dedicated cast and crew, but everything just seems to go wrong — money runs out, film gets destroyed, the actress playing the female lead had to be recast four times. Now, a new docu-series on Syfy, Town of the Living Dead, chronicles the ragtag crew’s attempts to finally finish their production.

Ric speaks with the film’s producer Tina Teeter, a grandmother of four who never expected to be filming an independent zombie movie. The no-nonsense taskmaster of the group (affectionately known as “Mombie”) has already sunk more than $20,000 of her own money into the film.

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