Through the Microscopes of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek by Dr. Barbara ten Brink

Dr. Barbara ten Brink presents us with another young-adult novel about the history of a scientist told through the fictional accounts of a young heroine who together, they discover the science.

We know the history of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’slife and work through his notebooks, publications, letters, and the books published by the Royal Society of London.
We know the history of the author’s family ten Brink through the frescos, stained glass windows, sculptures, books, and museum in Mettingen, Germany.

Through the Microscopes of Antoni van Leeuwenhoekis a work of fiction. Dr. ten Brink weaves a story of our hero, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, and his use of the microscope, from 1671 until his death in 1723, with the history of the ten Brink linen export shipping company, from 1700 until 2010. Our fictional heroine, Helena, connects the reader to the history of the invention of the microscope for the purpose of examining fabrics and the history of both Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and the Family ten Brink being fabric merchants. Dr. ten Brink uses Helena to build a fictional story to entertain her readers.

Dr. Barbara ten Brink is a prolific author having published 24 books in three years in six genres including young-adult novels, Haiku, epic poems, compilation of short stories, treatises, children’s books.

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