Through the Rainy Season: Out of the floods of addiction by Adam Martinez

Through The Rainy Season is a story about one man’s battle through drug addiction. In desperation he (Adam or myself) flees to Guyana South America in hopes to outrun his addiction. There, in the depths of the Amazon jungle at a Christian boarding academy, Adam must endure five long weeks of withdrawals in hopes of becoming the new man he is supposed to be. It is a story that sheds the light on the true hardships of quitting drugs, going into detailed accounts of the obstacles one must overcome to be rid of the addiction.

Adam Martinez is owner of A&E Painting and author of Through the Rainy Season. Adam graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Behavioral Sciences. He currently resides in Kentucky with his wife and four children. Living life to the fullest is a major life goal for Adam including traveling and making memories with his family, taking risks, and trusting God. He enjoys health and fitness, reading, writing, and watching movies.

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