“Time Traveling with Brian Unger” premieres Monday April 20th with back to back episodes at 10pm ET/PT on Travel Channel

Take a witty and unexpected step back in time with Brian Unger!

The actor and trained journalist brings His irreverent humor to visually transport viewers to America’s past with eye-popping CGI graphics and amazing stories you on’t find in guidebooks on Time Traveling with Brian Unger.

Comedian, commentator, actor and producer Brian Unger is a storyteller behind and in front of the camera. He’s known for his role on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and was a correspondent and producer for four years on The Daily Show. He got his start in local news in Ohio before becoming a network correspondent and producer. Entertainment Weekly named him one of the “100 Most Creative People in Entertainment.” Now, he’s bringing all his talents to Travel Channel’s new series, Time Traveling with Brian Unger.

From John Wilkes Booth’s hideout in Maryland to Tombstone, Arizona, and The Grand Canyon, Unger takes viewers back in time with the help of eye-popping CGI graphics to illustrate little-known stories from yesteryear. He will share innovative tales of iconic locations, personalities and events in a new way, revealing historical details many of us never knew occurred. Unger will also take actual locals to visit locations that are often off limits to the general public.

The premiere episode of Time Traveling with Brian Unger takes locals on an adventure to two vastly different but equally awe-inspiring symbols of American ingenuity: The Golden Gate Bridge and Manhattan’s The Woolworth Building. In subsequent episodes, Brian will bust a few myths at the O.K. Corral; visit former ‘divorce ranches’ in Las Vegas; check out the old Charlie Chaplin Studios in Los Angeles; relive the strange but true history that created D.C.; take a group of Philadelphia locals on a trip 230 years back in time to the American Revolution; and follow Lincoln’s killer on the run through Maryland and Virginia.

Travel Channel’s Time Traveling with Brian Unger

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