“Where is Home?: How a Childhood in East Germany during World War II Shaped My Adult Life” by Anneros Valensi

“Where is Home” shows the devotion of a mother trying to protect her five young children from the cruelties of the Russian invaders of their homeland in Silesia, East Germany during World War II in 1945-1946.

The author shows the realities of what it was like for a six year old during that time and how the family stayed alive. In 1946, the Eastern population was evicted from their homeland and distributed in West Germany.

The story continues with the author’s search for home – a place to belong. She became a nurse and her curiosity about the world, about living free, brought her first to London, England in 1961, and in 1966 she was hired by Trans World Airlines to train as a flight attendant in America, where she settled.”


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