Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em is Back and You Have a Chance at $25,000! Don’t Fill Out Your Tourney Pick’em Bracket Until You Hear Ric Talk With ‘Bracket Brad’ Evans from Yahoo Sports!

The NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Championship is looming and hoops fans are electrified. The season-ending NCAA tournament is the culmination of 68 of the best teams in college basketball. All the rivalries, camaraderie and drama that comes with a National Championship is on the line in a single-game elimination tournament.

But are you ready to win the office contest? Will you use your head, follow your heart or trust your gut?

Yahoo Sports bracketologist Brad Evans talks about the local teams in your area that are contenders, how to sign up for Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick ‘Em, and tips and tricks for filling out your bracket.

Brad Also Explains:

*How Do You Get Started?
*What’s the Secret to Picking a Winning Team?
*Do Basketball Novices Stand a Chance?

Fantasy Expert ‘Bracket Brad’ Evans has obsessed about his fantasy teams since before some of you were born! As the Yahoo Fantasy Sports resident bracketology expert, Brad also lends advice on the two-time Emmy®-nominated webcast “Fantasy Football Live.” He has been named the Fantasy College Sports Writer of the Year by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association five times, and he’s also the most accurate bracket predictor among macro-sites since 2008. Most recently he’s been analyzing which teams have the best chance of making March Madness.

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