You’ve Got News In Your Inbox… Gmail is Turning 15! And to Celebrate Its Birthday the Free Email Service will Launch New Features that Make Gmail Even Smarter and More Helpful!

Google Tech Expert
Justin Burr joins Ric and will Walk You Through
The Useful New Developments and Existing Features. 
Think about all the parts of your life that happen over email: you stay in touch with friends, deal with bills, discuss work proposals, apply for college, plan a wedding, negotiate a home purchase, forward a funny (to you) joke… the list goes on and on. We spend so much of our time on email! And being smart about your email can help you save time and be more efficient — whether you’re at work, getting ready to go on vacation, or just managing the day to day.

Gmail is a free service developed by Google that’s intuitive, efficient, and useful. Developed 15 years ago, Gmail has 1.5 billion users and blocks nearly 10 million spam and malicious emails every minute. Today, we celebrate Gmail’s birthday with a look back at its evolution over the years, and a look forward at new innovations to make it even more helpful.

Justin Burr discusses:

* The Brand New Features that make Gmail even smarter, more
actionable and easier to use

* Maximizing existing features such as Smart Compose (saving you time
from repetitive writing on the keyboard)

* Nudging: Reminders to follow up and respond to messages so events
and items don’t fall through the cracks when life (and inboxes) get too

* Snooze: Allowing you to focus on what you need to do now by snoozing away an email until later

* Undo Send: Oops…you didn’t mean to send your kids’ babysitting
schedule to your boss! ; learn how to recall an email you sent so you don’t fret over embarrassing typos, unintentional reply-alls and other mishaps

* Tips for email etiquette and saving time ​
Learn More About Gmail Features at:!/

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