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The Power of Community: How Phenomenal Leaders Inspire their Teams, Wow their Customers, and Make Bigger Profits: How Phenomenal Leaders Inspire their … Wow their Customers, and Make Bigger Profits by Howard Partridge

Build a culture based on the values of “community”—a win-win solution that benefits employees and drives profitabilityEvery human being has a longing for belonging. We all need to feel loved, accepted, and validated, but today’s digital culture has broken down the spirit of traditional communities—and people crave the commitment and togetherness that comes with community […]

What If Your Mom was a Cocaine Godmother, Or Your Dad was a Real-Life Scarface?

VH1’s New Docuseries Cartel Crew Explores theLives of Descendants of Cartel Life.  Airs Mondays at 9PM ET/PT Ric Talks with Michael Blanco & Stephanie AcevedoAbout Finding Redemption in Life after Narcos.  Set in Miami, Cartel Crew takes a deep look into the lives of eight descendants of the Cartel life as they navigate adulthood and the effects the legacy has had on their […]

Safer Internet Day is On February 5th… Learn How to Keep You and Your Family Safer Online! Ric Talks with Google’s director of account security and Internet Safety Expert Mark Risher about the Company’s Top Tips for Internet Safety and Privacy.

Google builds security into everything they make so users can be confident that their personal information is protected. Still, there are still some best practices that you and your family can follow to help ensure they are safer, not only while on Google but also while navigating the wider Internet. On Safer Internet Day, February […]

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