10 Foods to Eat & NOT Eat if You Want Vibrant Health

According to Dr. Susan Smith Jones and her book The Curative Kitchen & Lifestyle, there is a huge industry in the Western world working to convince us that it doesn’t matter what we eat. Fast food chains try to convince us that what we eat has no effect on our health. We are told that any combination of heated, treated, processed, chemicalized ‘foods’ will meet our nutritional needs so long as we take plenty of vitamin pills, heartburn medicine, headache pills, and other remedies. Susan disagrees wholeheartedly! She believes that… “Health comes from the farm, not the pharmacy.”
Today, Susan will talk to us about a variety of different foods we should eat and not eat if we are interested in achieving high-level wellness.
Everything we discuss today can be found in more detail in her book The Curative Kitchen & Lifestyle, available at Amazon and also her website — in 5 different formats, including an autographed copy by Susan with a note card and bookmark.

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