10 Lifestyle Tips for Reducing Your Cancer Risk with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

About 1 of every 3 Americans will develop some form of malignancy during his or her lifetime. Despite these grim statistics, doctors have made great progress in understanding the biology of cancer cells, and they have already been able to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. But instead of just waiting for new breakthroughs, you can do a lot to protect yourself right now, according to our guest today, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, a holistic health and lifestyle expert and author.

As Susan writes about in her internationally celebrated book Wired for High-Level Wellness, “Screening tests can help detect malignancies in their earliest stages, but you should always be alert for symptoms of the disease and also adopt a healthy lifestyle to help you prevent cancer and reduce your cancer risk. We welcome back Susan.https://www.SusanSmithJones.com

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