2089 Filming Days — 117 Shoots 40 Countries — 7 Epic Episodes Planet Earth II Premieres Saturday February 18th at 9pm ET/8pm CT on BBC America

Get Ready to be Inspired with a New Perspective of our World.

Ric Talks with Executive Producer Mike Gunton about this Landmark Event and Consider What the Future Holds for our Relationship with the Natural World.

Planet Earth transformed how viewers saw their planet when it debuted a decade ago. It was the first natural history series to be filmed in high definition, and captivated a global audience of more than half a billion people by giving them an unprecedented view of life on planet Earth.

Ten years later, this rich subject is being revisited with a new perspective. More than just observing the planet, audiences will be immersed in the most spectacular landscapes and habitats on Earth, bringing them eye to eye with the animals who live there. Advances in filming technology have made it possible for filmmakers to reveal the natural world in entirely new ways. From the highest mountains and the most remote islands, to jungles and the harshest deserts ­ Planet Earth II focuses on the most iconic habitats on land, and seeks to give audiences an experience of what it is like to live in these great wildernesses. A sixth habitat will also be covered ­ cities. Viewers will witness the surprising ways some animals are managing to thrive in the urban jungle, and consider what the future holds for our relationship with the natural world.

Intrepid film crews have tested their limits the past three years, having traveled to some of the world¹s most inaccessible places to bring the audience a new perspective on planet Earth. Narrated by the inimitable Sir David Attenborough and set to a beautiful score from Hans Zimmer and his team, Planet Earth II hopes to inspire and thrill viewers the world over.

Planet Earth II¹s executive director, Dr. Mike Gunton, works for BBC Worldwide and the BBC as creative director of Factual and The Natural History Unit. He¹s overseen rougly 120 wildlife films and critically acclaimed series. Outside of TV, Mike has directed the Emmy® award winning film One Life. He speaks internationally at media, entertainment and scientific gatherings as an ambassador for wildlife filmmaking, the BBC and the natural world.


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