“Fire Your Retirement Planner: You” Rodger Friedman

Rodger’s career has taken him from real-estate agent trainee to Wall Street and ultimately to seasoned financial advisor and wealth management professional. Over three decades, Rodger grew his skills, knowledge, experience, and practice, and today he continues to feel passionate about what he is doing: focusing on advising affluent retirees and near-retirees in structuring their planning and investments for the next phase of their lives. He is now a managing Director, Founding Partner with Steward Partners Global Advisory and Wealth Manager at Raymond James Financial Services in the Washington Metropolitan area.

He has 31 years of experience as a wealth manager in the financial services industry, both advising clients as well as managing the complex operations of a large wealth management office. He is a former member of The Association of Professional Investment Consultants. Rodger’s expertise was honed at E.F. Hutton, Shearson Lehman, Smith Barney and most recently Morgan Stanley. Rodger is a member of The Investment Management Consultants Association and the Financial Services Institute.

Together with business partner Joe Wong, RJFS Wealth Manager, their focus is advising and coaching middle class millionaires in creating and implementing customized retirement income strategies that allow them to enjoy their retirement with confidence. This process helps them to truly understand each client’s unique needs and changing circumstances.


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