9 time Grammy winner and best selling contemporary gospel artist Kirk Franklin

9 time Grammy Winner and Biggest Selling Contemporary Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin joins Jeff Foxworthy on Season 3 of GSN’s hit series “The American Bible Challenge” which premieres May 22nd with back to back episodes at 8 ET/PT.

Season three of The American Bible Challenge will bring a new set of diverse, fun and colorful contestants which include a team of former beauty queens, motorcycle riding priests, police officers and Mormon moms. Also in store this season are brand new games that put the contestant’s spiritual and physical talents to the test with new categories that include “Christ or Klingon” in which contestants have to guess whether words are from the Bible or Star Trek’s Klingon language; “Curse You Autocorrect” where contestants must decipher a typed Bible passage that has been “autocorrected” and “Nazareth Enquirer” with sensational Biblical headlines that could have appeared in a tabloid.



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